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SGS Professional has a growing team of professionals who strive to deliver technology solutions to improve organisational performance.

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Our Team

Our Team

Our clients have access to a team of certified and experience professionals. From Project Managers to Architects and Developers, our teams can work with your organisation to establish a clear understanding of your requirements to define how better use of technology can improve productivity and overall organisational performance.

Microsoft Silver Partner

Recognised by Microsoft

SGS Professional is committed to only using certified professionals. All of our technical staff must work though the Microsoft Certification process and fully develop their skills before they can work on client solutions. Microsoft have recognised our commitment to training and our successfully implementation history and awarded us a competency in Customer Relationship Management.

As an accredited Microsoft CRM Partner we have access to a set of resources and the support we need to help a business like yours.

Experienced in Achieving Results

When we assemble an implementation team, we ensure that we have the right blend of experience and skills to deliver the right results. Other solution providers may have a slick salesman who promises the world and then hands you off to an inexperienced IT professional who then has to make good on the salesman's promises even if they were not based on the technical realities. SGS Professional is different. We assign a project manager to a client right at the start of the process. The project manager is with you until the end of the project and is you first point of contact throughout. SGS Professional only employs professionals with a proven track record as we would trust our clients with anyone else.

Constantly Tested, Benchmarked and Improved

SGS Professional's marketing department run a continual client satisfaction testing program. This involved regularly contacting all clients and potential clients to measure the performance of every client-facing member of staff. These staff are remunerated according to the client satisfaction scores that they achieve. This approach has led to a truly client focused organisation constantly striving to exceed customer expectations.