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All our CRM Solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. SGS Professional is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner recognised by Microsoft as having a competency in CRM solutions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers our clients full CRM functionality in a familiar environment.

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SGS Professional Hosted CRM

SGS Professional Hosted CRM

Customer relationship management solutions bring new levels of sales, customer service and overall profitability to organisations of all sizes. However for some organisations it can be difficult to justify the up front investment or they may lack the in-house technical support. For these organisations, deploying CRM as a hosted service represents a cost effective alternative.

Traditional Hosted CRM offerings often lack one key factor - choice. Organisations are stuck with a one-size-fits-all solution that often doesn't meet their needs. That's where a hosted solution from SGS Professional is different. We can offer you all of the benefits of a hosted environment and deliver a solution that is tailored to the individual requirements of your organisation.

SGS Professional Hosted CRM is hosted at a secure data centre so that clients can access their own CRM system remotely. While the solution is hosted and managed off-site, it is effectively the same solution as used for on-premise CRM implementations. So, with all the same functionality but no management requirement for many organisations a Hosted CRM solution simply makes more sense.

What are the benefits of a Hosted CRM Solution from SGS Professional?

  • The way that SGS Professional supply hosted CRM to their clients means that that purchase CRM services on a per user/per month basis. This not means that payments are spread over a set period rather that all up front, meaning that you can gain a quick return on your initial investment.
  • A hosted solution is fully scalable in line with the changing demands of your business. We know that some organisations have seasonal peaks and troughs in their customer cycles. With a hosted solution from SGS Professional you can add or remove CRM uses on a month by month basis.
  • Any organisation-wide business solution requires a level of support. With an hosted offering this burden is not put onto your existing IT staff and infrastructure. This means that you do not have to invest in new server hardware and IT skill sets to have access to a fully functioning CRM solution.