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Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search

The people in your organisation are hard at work making things happen. When they need publicly available information to get the job done, they know how to search on the Internet to find it. But when they need information only available within your business, they need enterprise search.

You want a search solution that allows you to deliver the simple, easy-to-use experience your users expect, while at the same time meeting the security and manageability requirements your IT environment demands.

Enterprise Search in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Microsoft Office SharePoint empowers your people to find and act on information and expertise. Use Office SharePoint Server to extend your search experience to include structured data sources, or add enterprise content management, collaboration, and other complementary capabilities to your business productivity infrastructure.

Find and act on information and expertise

Find and act on information and expertise
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Provide a familiar user experience with recommended best bets, authoritative sources, term definitions, hit highlighting, and query correction.

Make it easy for people to find and act on information in structured business systems, using the Business Data Catalog.

Deliver productivity solutions with SharePoint Productivity Infrastructure by combining search with capabilities for collaboration, portal, content management, workflow, forms, and business intelligence.

Enable faster connections between people, using people and expertise searching, with dynamically updated personal profiles and social networking information.

Grow and extend your search solution

Grow and extend your search solution
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Index common information sources using out-of-the-box indexing connectors for file shares, Web sites, SharePoint sites, Exchange public folders, and Lotus Notes databases.

Use federated search connectors to quickly and easily connect to applications and services, using the Open Search standard.

Build upon a familiar user interface and application platform that lets you customise your search experience and the actions you can take on your search results, using familiar development tools and the SharePoint platform.

Scale your deployment to meet your needs, with no pre-set document limits, using advanced indexing features like continuous propagation.

Take advantage of SGS Profesiional's own expertise to implement and further extend your search solution.

Help Secure and Manage your Search Deployment

Help Secure and Manage your Search Deployment
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Review common administrative tasks, statuses, and settings in a single view, using a unified administrative dashboard.

Manage content sources, search scopes, authoritative sources, key words, best bets and other configurable relevancy settings through a powerful, easy-to-use management console.

Set crawl rules and schedules that govern how and when your information is indexed.

Maintain high availability and load balancing using a variety of topologies. Configure multiple Web, query, and clustered database servers.

Monitor search performance and improve search relevance with query and results reporting.

Help ensure that only the right people can find information, using query and index-time security trimming.

Help secure your federated relationships with other search indexes using Kerberos and NTLM authentication.

Why SGS Professional and Microsoft for Enterprise Search?

1. To Give Users What they Want

Access to information in the organisation.
An easy way to find people and expertise.

2. To Deliver what your IT Department Needs

A solution integrated with current infrastructure investments. A manageable, secure, search deployment.

An Enterprise Search solution from SGS Professional based on Microsoft technologies delivers on both fronts.

Your staff can connect to unstructured and structured information anywhere in your organisation.

  • Unstructured information includes content on file shares, your Internet and intranet Web sites, Microsoft Exchange public folders, IBM Lotus Notes repositories, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server or Windows SharePoint Services sites.
  • Structured information includes information in database and line of business systems, such as ERP and CRM. Identify people with the knowledge and expertise required to get a job done

IT professionals can:

Deploy search as an infrastructure service across your organisation’s desktops and business applications. In addition they can secure and manage search deployment to meet the unique needs of your organization.