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Relationship Management Solutions

Relationship Management Solutions It's hard to quantify the value of relationships in our professional lives. However, building better relationships between your organisation and the outside world can increase profitability and productivity.
Relationship Management Solutions

A relationship management solution from SGS Professional takes more than the software into account.

We work with clients to determine their individual needs and map out how their organisation works to establish their own best-practice. Our business analysts can then build the desired workflows into the solution so that end users don't have to change the way that they work to fit the system.

SGS Professional provides both end-user support and training as standard to ensure that user acceptance is kept high.

Our CRM solutions allow our clients to develop longer and more profitable relationships with their clients by helping to manage and track all of their customer facing interactions. This means that customer data is treated as a valuable asset, and better customer service is delivered.

Beyond this, with a CRM solution from SGS Professional you could also be:

  • Managing effective marketing campaigns which can be run proactively and give results that can be measured to assess ROI
  • Shortening your sales cycle with more efficient sales processes and sales management tools
  • Using a single customer view across your whole organisation
  • Delivering better customer service because you will know more about your customers
  • Leveraging better relationships with your business partners with clearer channels of communication and greater visibility for both you and your partners to see what is happening
  • Supporting your mobile sales force to give them the information that they need when they need it without them having to call "back to base"
  • Better managing your sales opportunities so that you have a clear idea of your sales team's pipeline and can accurately forecast sales performance

What is CRM?

Let's start with what it's not. CRM is not a single piece of software, system or principle.

Being a successfully customer-focused organisation is just not that simple.

To truly manage relationships effectively across your organisation and with the wider world you will need both the tools and the skills to use them. This means that you need both a software platform and a people-process methodology designed to build and grow business relationships.

Too often we have heard about failed CRM implementations. Organisations spend a lot of money on a software solution which just doesn't deliver the expected results. The most common reason for this is poor user adoption.

This is where SGS Professional is different - we take the time to learn how your organisation works so that we can create a solution that reflects your own best-practice. Our end user support and training options, together with our extensive business requirements process ensure that you not only get a solution that delivers the key functionalities that you need, it is also a solution that your staff will use.

All of our solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM which provides a familiar working environment ensuring that staff feel confident using the system from day one.