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SGS Professional recognised by Microsoft as a MAPA Award 2012 finalist!

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SGS Professional is a leading Australian business solution provider. We work with key technologies to deliver solutions that improve our clients' productivity and performance. Our fully integrated solutions offer more than just software. We offer business consultancy and workflow design to ensure that your organisation can realise its objectives and reach its full potential through better use of technology.

While equipment, policies and procedures exist in your organisation, it is ultimately people who will make the difference between success and failure. SGS Professional gives you the advantage of partnering with an organisation who understands that people are not just part of the process. People make the process work.

MAPA Microsoft Silver Partner

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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SGS Professional's experienced business consultants are ready to discuss your organisation's needs and objectives. So, pick up the phone and start working towards improving your organisational productivity and performance today.